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Tips For The Best Images

We are so excited to help you create a personalised pet portrait! Please see below for our tips and tricks:

The most important step in creating your pet portrait is selecting a photo – We recommend taking a high quality photo on a phone or camera as it will effect the final product.

•Take a photo in a well-lit area with no shadows.

•Make sure the whole face and neck is visible.

•Avoid using filters.

•Photos taken at eye level, sitting up and facing the camera are the best.

•Please note: If your pet is wearing a harness, or collar etc, it will be in the portrait. 

If you’re unsure on what photo to select, we would love to help! Contact us.

So, you're looking for a pet portrait?

We’d love to hear more and see how we can turn your beautiful pets into a stunning work of art.

We can create custom pet portraits and have them sent out to you in the mail.

Or, we can create digital pet portraits too, if you’d rather print it yourself!

If you still need some help, get in touch with us.

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